Fields of Work and Projects

The term "Transportation" includes all the components associated with the movement of 
• people, 
• goods and 
• information.


As these movements / transports affect many areas of life, there also exists a variety of tasks, oriented on the transport sector. They refer to social and economic life, sociological and ecological relationship, to technical and infrastructural facilities, to communication and information, to urban design and land-use planning, to environmental concerns and resource consumption, as well as to organization and administration. 


The importance of transport in our lives is also shown in the average number of approximately 3.5 trips per person and day with an average length of approximately 11 km per trip, totaling to about 40 km per person and day with approximately 1.5 hours on the road.


Equally impressive are the characteristics of freight transport. In Germany, on average working days, approximately 14.5 million tons of goods are transported on an average distance of about 150 km, resulting in a daily transport capacity of about 2.2 billion ton kilometers.


Transportation comprises a huge range of tasks. With its activities IVV covers a wide spectrum, as shown in the navigation bar.