Internet Services

With the spread of Internet use more and more information services will inevitably be provided on the Internet. Examples in the field of transportation are information systems, route planners, booking systems and geographical data services (map applications). These services are mainly provided on a PC, however, they become increasingly available on a PDA as a solution for mobile Internet. 


IVV developed not only appropriate information systems for customers, but on request also offers their operation and maintenance. Therefore, server farms and powerful Internet lines are available.  


The following list directly refers to those of IVV’s Internet services which are also available in English. They are among others developed and (partially) operated in-house.






Bicycle Route Planner for the Internet

The interactive bicycle route planner offers the same or even better services than routing software for cars. The software allows planning a bicycle tour by selecting start, destination and intermediate stops by clicking on the map or by entering addresses. The algorithm assures that the route calculated will use dedicated bike routes but other roads and paths only for the access to the network at start or destination. This assures that cyclists will find safe routes for most of the trip. However, a user can modify the route choice procedures by selecting options like "Prefer thematic routes" or "Avoid steep grades". The results are presented as maps, detailed driving directions and GPS-Tracks. The program also provides information about points of interest, train stations, hotels and restaurants.


The bicycle Route Planner for the internet is available for the following German states:
» North-Rhine Westphalia
» Hesse





Public Transport Schedule and Tariff Information System

IVV's schedule and tariff information System is very user-friendly due to the consequent use of latest technologies. The modular approach allows development of specific solution according to the client needs. Important aspects in this respect are:

  • Determination of start and destination of a trip as stops and stations, addresses and 'Points of Interest' both by writing or selecting on a map.
  • Calculation of the optimal route 'door-to-door' and presentation of the entire trip (walking and riding) on an interactive map.
  • Determination of intermodal connections using the bicycle or private car (Bike&Ride, Park&Ride) due routing through connected networks.
  • Schedule information taking into account the needs of handicapped people (avoiding barriers and stairs and stations).
  • Schedule information for different user devices like PC, PDA (on-line und off-line) and mobile phone via SMS.
  • Tariff information taking into account the number and age of people travelling together.
  • Possibility to consider real-time information concerning delayed trains and busses in the routing process.

There is a family of software products to maintain the necessary data such as the timetable (FahrplanExplorer), the tariff data (TarifExplorer) und Networks (INES-ÖV).


At the moment the schedule and tariff information software is used by the follwing clients :
» Public transport association VRS
» Cologne public transport company
» Public transport association VRM
» Public transport association ZWS