The Company

Ingenieurgruppe IVV GmbH & Co. KG is an independent consulting firm. The range of activities extends to all issues of transport and process development. These two terms also determine the company’s name: Ingenieurgruppe für Verkehrswesen und Verfahrensentwicklung (group of engineers for transport and process development). 

Similar fields of work are dealt with in the headquarters of IVV in Aachen (Ingenieurgruppe IVV GmbH & Co. KG) and in the Berlin office (Ingenieurgruppe IVV Berlin GmbH). The Berlin office, however, has its regional focus on Berlin and on eastern Germany. 

The fields of work extend from inventory analysis, forecasts, planning and evaluation to development of solutions and implementation, including the necessary consultating. Ultimately, all transport systems and communication channels are covered by IVV. 

IVV runs more than 100 projects per year. Many activities cope with the range between practice and research, and with the range between conceptional ideas and arithmetical verification. Correspondingly, market requirement on qualification of the personnnel has become more complex. Accordingly, among the approx. 70 employees is a high degree of university graduates from the departments of civil engineering, information technology, geography, mechanical engineering, and business administration.